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Las Vegas Immigration Lawyer, Shirley Reginiano, is understanding and responsive to clients needs and has the experience you need for such important matters. As a highly accessible practice, clients know to turn to us for all immigration related matters. Hiring an immigration lawyer is crucial in ensuring that you are able to navigate the complex process of the law.

The process of becoming an American citizen is known as Naturalization. The most common path to citizenship is naturalizing after having held a permanent resident card (Green Card).
A Green Card, also called a permanent resident card, is an immigrant visa that serves as proof that its holder has been granted legal authorization to permanently reside and work in the United States.
A visa is an authorization granted to an individual to legally enter or work in the country for various different reasons.
A work permit is an authorization to work legally in the United States. Individuals who are neither United States citizens nor lawful permanent residents and wish to work in the United States must obtain work permits to do so.
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) allows certain undocumented immigrants who meet specific guidelines to request to legally work in the United States and be exempted from deportation.
Family-based immigration provides an opportunity for foreigners who have family members who are legal Permanent Residents or citizens of United States to immigrate to the United States.
Although we specialize in navigating the complex requirements of the many facets of immigration law, we do offer the option of reviewing your pending/submitted application or documents.


If your primary purpose for immigrating to the United States is to engage in commercial trade or to start up/invest in a business, the business visa pathway may be a good option to consider.
Getting a notice for deportation is a serious matter.  Don’t risk being barred from entering the U.S. by trying to navigate this process without the help of a competent and knowledgeable attorney.


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“Immigration laws are increasingly complicated. I can help you navigate the process in an affordable and efficient manner.”

Las Vegas Immigration Lawyer Shirley Reginiano

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A Premier Las Vegas Immigration Lawyer, Shirley Reginiano, Esq. and her team bring together a decade of experience in navigating complex immigration laws to help their clients obtain U.S. Citizenship, Greencards, Visas and Work Permits.

Shirley Reginiano practices exclusively in Immigration matters.  Her license extends to practicing throughout all 50 States and she has helped clients from around the world obtain Citizenship, Greencards and Visas.

If you are contemplating choosing an immigration attorney to help with your application, contact Shirley Reginiano today.

We deliver exemplary immigration legal services to local, national and international clients from our offices in Las Vegas


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Immigration issues are life changing matters and as such they deserve the best assistance possible. An immigration attorney knows what questions to ask and what evidence to review in order to determine all the available options for you including the risks and benefits of each option and will work with you to prepare your case properly and effectively. As your attorney, I will explain to all the different agencies why you meet the requirements of the law. Call today for help with your immigration matter and prevent aggravation, frustration, disappointment, stress and uncertainty in the future.

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