Deportations & Waivers

Under immigration laws, an individual who is identified as living in the United States illegally may be subject to deportation. Additionally, legal permanent residents may be subject to deportation, usually related to a criminal history. Deportation, also referred to as removal, is the process where the federal government removes an individual from the USA. Those who are subject to deportation may be entitled to certain defenses and are entitled to certain legal rights, including the right to challenge the deportation on specific grounds. It is important to secure experienced immigration attorney immediately after receiving a Notice to Appear. Once you receive such notice a hearing date will be set and during this hearing an immigration judge will determine whether you should be deported or not. If the judge does not rule in your favor, you will have 30 days to submit an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals. Should the Board of Immigration Appeals rule against you there is a possible option to appeal that decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals.